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  • Cory Machado

Cory Machado Interviews Magic Labs CEO Sean Li

What is your mindset everyday regarding business/success?

I try to lean into my instincts. There are many “tactics” / “best way to do something” that one seems to have to follow, but what truly needs to be done is often extremely contextual. The founder CEO has the most unique and encompassing context of the startup. To survive with limited time, resources, and a million things to consider, our instincts are the best guide for quick decisions. A healthy mind is critical to not disrupting the flow and instincts. We need to raise awareness and understand the concept of reflexivity, a force always has a reaction force, and a beginning always has an end. Gratitude is also essential, especially during tough times, as I’m blessed to be working with my team on Magic, and wake up excited about my day every morning.

What are your daily habits that make you successful?

I like to ease into work instead of jumping straight into it after waking up. I wake up at around 6 am to do some reading, meditate, relax, and prepare my mind for the day. I also split my week up by “meeting days” and “deep-work days” and allocate chunks of times each day for different tasks to achieve better focus. Getting good sleep is also vital, so I try not to sleep later than 11 pm.

Favorite sports team? Hobbies when you were a kid?

I don’t follow sports. When I was a kid, I loved playing the saxophone and write computer games for my friends.

When you were a kid what did you want to be?

I wanted to be a musician. 🎵

What are your thoughts on money & investing?

I think of money as an intermediary step/medium towards accomplishing what truly matters; in my case, it's the desire for value creation and disrupting the status quo's complacency.

What’s the best advice you have been given?

Trusting my gut instinct and be comfortable with expressing my authenticity and vulnerability.

How do you go about goal setting?

I don’t have a habit of goal setting personally. Being present and free from outcome is very important for me to gracefully handle problems and opportunities coming my way.

How do you deal with criticism and how do you overcome obstacles?

I actively look for criticisms, the harsher it is, the more accurately I can understand about where I’m at and where I need to go. I see obstacles as interesting puzzles that always have a solution, which gives me confidence and immense satisfaction once resolved and encourages me to solve more of them.

Message from CEO

Check out what we’re building at Magic ( and to follow us on Twitter at @magic_labs. We’re on a mission to reinvent identity for a more secure, user-centric, and authentic Internet. We’ve built the easiest way for developers to add passwordless authentication to their application, with future-proof crypto and identity tech under-the-hood.

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