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  • Cory Machado

Cory Machado Interviews Forbes contributor Jennifer Streaks

Jennifer Streaks

Every day mindset for success- No matter what, keep going. No one that is a success today or that we admire started off as a success. They had to work for it with a lot of bumps along the way, so keep going and working until you reach your goals.

Daily habits- I read every day. I am a financial journalist so I stay informed about what is going on with money, investing, housing, the economy. Not a day goes by that I don’t read.

Sports team- I love baseball; the Yankees.

Hobbies as a kid- I always loved to read even back then as a child. My Mother said to me as a child, I would get mad if they did not take me to the library!

Thoughts on money and investing- Make sure you have an emergency fund with at least 6 months to one year of expenses. Now with Covid-19, I would say to make sure your health insurance is everything you need it be, make sure that your everyday expenses are paid up.

What is the best advice you have been given- Don’t worry about what other people think, just keep running your race.

Dealing with criticism and obstacles- Thankfully for me, I am a pretty independent person so I am not one to let other’s opinions bother me. If you are offering constructive criticism that comes from a good place, then fine. But if you are just criticizing because you want to be negative or trying to tear down- I can ignore you pretty quick! Obstacles- my Dad would always say, nothing good comes easy, so I know that to get to the good you have to work for it and obstacles are coming, just be ready and work your way through.

Goal setting- I am a big notebook and pen person, I journal almost every day. Goal setting is important to me. It keeps me on task and helps me to visualize the desired outcome. I definitely make lists and strike through the task as each one is completed! So if you see me with a notebook and a pen, you know I mean business!

Current state of country and economy: I am really concerned about the current state of the country and the everyday person’s financial status. A third of American’s did not pay their housing costs in July; that means rent and mortgages were not paid. We are headed for a housing crisis that people are trying to wish away and hope that somehow by rushing to reopen it can be avoided. It will not. American’s are on the hook for thousands in back rent and mortgage payments and most American’s do not have enough money saved to respond to a $400.00 emergency.

Stay tuned- I am working with Forbes and I get to report on money matters and how it is affecting minorities. I am loving it! This work needs to be done and these stories need to be told. Due to the financial inequities that were baked into the system minorities have always had immense trouble with credit, housing and lending and we are seeing the major consequences now more than ever.

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