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Cory Machado Interviews David Israel of Good Planet Foods

Do GOOD. Innovate, go fast, build win/win partnerships and relationships as this is the foundation of winning.  Communicate well, act with integrity and ear trust. Always do the right thing no matter what. Karma will pay off. Cant doesn’t exist in our vocabulary. Build a team that is aligned, committed and knows they are valued as an equal.

 What are your daily habits that make you successful?

 Take care of myself physically every morning and eat a healthy plant based diet. Respond quickly to all, get the to do list done daily, look to the future, don’t sweat problems as they’re going to happen no matter what.  Just solve them and move forward. Always remain positive and confident. Lots of humor. Treat people the way I want to be treated. Help them be successful. GO FAST and INNOVATE!!

Favorite sports team ?Hobbies when you were a kid ? 

Seahawks. All Sports and any activity that kept me moving and busy.

When you were a kid what did you want to be?

An Entrepreneur

What are your thoughts on money & investing?

Easy come, easy go. Not worried about it. And I’ve been broke several times. Started  our poor.  Money is good to have so you can enjoy life and not worry, but it wont make you happy. Family is #1 period. That’s really all that matters. Just want to happy and have my family healthy. Love investing in other start ups in CPG.

What’s the best advice you have been given? 

 A dollar isn’t a dollar and people suck. Get the dollar that come with value add. Get people you trust, area loyal and supportive.

How do you go about goal setting ? 

 Decide what you want. Just do it and Get it done no matter what.

How do you deal with criticism and how do you overcome obstacles?

I love constructive and honest criticism.  Makes me better and I always want to be better as a person and at what I do. Tell me I cant and its fuel for me to do it and show you I can. There’s always going to be obstacles, they’ll make you better when you figure them out.

Message from CEO

After raising 12mm last month from the most sought after funds in CPG I want to build the GOOD PLANeT brand into the “Kleenex” of the plant based cheese category.  Going hire the highest level and experienced been there done that leadership team and dominate what will be a 4b category by 2023. Going to continue o innovate our product and always have the best plant based cheese alternative in the market. We are focused on have an exact match to real dairy cheese.

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