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  • Cory Machado

AJC Auto Body, San Francisco’s favorite collision repair facility established by Ali Castillo

What is your mindset every day regarding business/ success? 

I believe that every day is an opportunity for growth. Success is dependent upon how good you are able to reach your target audience. You can be good at something but if no one knows about you, it can be difficult to exploit that talent. 

Favorite sports team ?Hobbies when you were a kid ? 

to be honest with you I've never been a big sports person. Ever since I was very young I've had to work and couldn't really find the time to be able to enjoy being a fan of a sports team. Make no mistake, I still respect the athletes that have a talent or their sport and commend them on being able to fulfill that dream. When I was younger I was very interested in the way that things work and had an affinity for making things work again mostly household objects or gadgets. 

When you were a kid what did you want to be?

Funny story when I was younger I wanted to be a construction worker as I found power tools to be fascinating. Especially Drills and other similar wares.

What are your thoughts on money & investing?

Money is very similar to water. It's difficult to attain and save but very easy to spill. Discipline is key. Investing is an area you have to be very wary of unless you know what you're doing, Sure growth is good and everyone wants to grow but you always have to do a cost-benefit analysis and also never want to risk anything you can't lose. Risks can be good but when the risk outweighs the benefit, it's time to step back. Also, some things sound good on paper but they are TOTALLY different in practice. 

What’s the best advice you have been given? 

Best Advice when it comes to business; You never know how much just one customer can contribute. No matter how big or small 1 positive interaction could spark a repeat business fire, But similarly,  a negative interaction can start to tarnish a business' reputation and can be detrimental to its profits.

How do you go about goal setting? 

You can't get everything done at once. It's best to schedule Good and partition tasks into chunks that are easier to work with and also improve workflow.

How do you deal with criticism and how do you overcome obstacles?

Criticism is good it helps you mature as a business and you also learn from it. You have to be able to take criticism and use it in a constructive way that way you can continue to evolve.

More about AJC Auto Body -

AJC Auto Body, San Francisco’s favorite collision repair facility, was established in 1990 by Ali Castillo. The business is a full-service facility offering automobile bodywork, paint, suspension, breakdown repairs, tires, electrical, and air conditioning. Ali always had a knack for cars since he was very young. He began his career in collision repair and refinishing systems in the mid-1980s when he moved to San Francisco. After several years in the Bay Area’s collision industry, Ali began exploring and planning to start his own business, establishing AJC Auto Body in 1990 at 250 Napoleon Street, Unit P. Since that time, AJC Auto Body has remained under the ownership of the founder and the original founding location. The physical location at 250 Napoleon Street was born out of a friendship. Prior to the establishment of AJC Auto Body, Ali was employed by Emerald City Auto Body, a body shop that still exists today. Emerald City was located at 250 Napoleon Street but at a different unit number. When the landlord came to collect the rent from Emerald City, Ali befriended the landlord. Eventually, the landlord leased Ali his own space so he could start his own business. Emerald City relocated in subsequent years to another location in San Francisco. Ali Castillo wanted to have a business in which his customers were more than just numbers and jobs. He wanted to establish a relationship with the community, dedicate his life to his business, and create a legacy with AJC Auto Body. Through auto repairs, Ali helps people get their lives back on track after their suffering through car accidents. AJC Auto Body offers low price alternatives and solutions for its customers. There have been many happy clients over the years, and some customers are second or even third generation patrons. AJC Auto Body excels in repair work for today's complex vehicles, and classic vehicles are their forte. The business incorporates all the original values upon which it was based. These include honesty, integrity, giving 100% on every job, treating customers like family, and, most of all, giving customers a reason to come back and mention us in conversations with others. AJC Auto Body has grown and become a strong business because of its great clientele and their referrals. Ali Castillo has remained the sole owner of AJC Auto Body since its inception

AJC Auto Body has contributed greatly to its community by closely working with customers in order to get them on the road as soon as possible. The business has kept prices competitive to better help customers get their vehicles repaired. AJC Auto Body goes the extra mile never cuts corners, and does whatever is necessary to make sure everyone is happy. The trust the San Francisco community has for AJC Auto Body has taken years to develop. The business is the go-to place where many people bring their cars in the unfortunate event they’ve had an accident. AJC Auto Body is always there for its customers.

AJC Auto Body has developed a significant legacy in the area that it serves. Many young people in the community come to patronize the business through recommendations from their grandparents. As good neighbors, AJC is always willing to lend a hand, helping people get back on their way when other shops are not willing to work with them. During its 30 year tenure, AJC Auto Body has received several awards and has developed a great reputation in the area that it conducts business. In the present day, there are many challenges facing San Francisco's small businesses, including the high cost of overhead and the ever-increasing difficulty of finding quality help. If AJC Auto Body were to close, San Francisco would lose a great legacy that has established over 30 years. Many people would lose a trustworthy business that they entrust what may possibly be their most valuable possession. Over the years, many of AJC Auto Body’s customers have gotten emotional at the prospect of completely losing their vehicles. AJC has prevented many good people from losing their rides to work and sometimes the livelihood that comes with it. Customers would be out of quality auto repair work that is becoming a lot scarcer these days. If AJC Auto Body were to shut its doors, then the team of four workers would be completely out of work and quite possibly forced to relocate out of the Bay Area, like so many good families have been forced to do in recent years.  AJC Auto Body is an automotive repair, paint, and body shop that has been in business since 1990. Their mission is to provide superior quality automotive repair service to each and every one of their customers. Services include auto paint, suspension, breakdown repairs, tires, electrical, air conditioning, and especially bodywork. They provide auto collision repair, full paint jobs, color matching, fiberglass work, frame and suspension work, auto detailing, commercial and vehicle repairs, and heavy-duty truck and bus repairs. They offer local pick-up, delivery, and towing services. The business is dedicated to serving their community and giving stellar customer service to everyone that walks through the doors. AJC’s characteristics would best be described as friendly, fair, and professional. AJC Auto Body is considered among the best, top-ranked auto body shops in the city of San Francisco and the Bay Area. Customers choose AJC for their high-quality craftsmanship, long-lasting business experience, and their “Best Price Guarantee.” Thirty years in the auto industry has allowed them to build a strong network of suppliers, which is a huge advantage over their competitors. Thanks to this business network, they now have the ability to provide their customers with repairs at bargain prices. AJC Auto Body offers free estimates and works with all major insurance companies. They can transform your car – stress-free!

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