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  • Cory Machado

11 Questions with Co-founder & CTO at Cannabics Parmaceuticals inc.

1. What made you get started in business ?

It was a wishful thinking manifested instantly. I have been on the phone with a friend telling him I see myself proving cannabis as a medicine, 3min later a friend of mine called me and we founded CNBX.

2. What has been the hardest challenge you have had in business and how did you overcome it and or solve it.

The hardest challenge for me is coping with different tempers and mindsets and to be flexible enough to create a productive dialogue overcoming ego and self-absorbance.

3. How do you deal with rejection in business and haters online ?

I try to logically detach myself from these feelings and shift my mind (when I remember) since I know pain is the source and dwelling in it just makes it worse.

4. What is your morning & daily routine ?

Pondering, working, cooking, cleaning and writing.

5. What do you find is the most important thing about mindset ? Mental Toughness.

Mental Toughness that is based on flexibility and confidence in a friendly force.

6. What are you most grateful for in life ?

I am grateful to have the feeling of good will.

7. If you had to start over today what would you do ? What advice do you give to people who are just starting out in business today ?

Words have power and every word counts. Be aware of what you say and confident enough to say nothing.

8. How do you go about goal setting ?

It is a nice exercise to concentrate but for me it is less exciting. Goals are bigger than us. We only have to let them appear.

9. What are some of the current goals you have and what are some of the current challenges you're facing ?

My challenge is being positive without a goal, being involved yet with my eyes above the horizon of being someone.

10. What are your hobbies & interest outside of business ?

Listening and Playing electronic music. Being with my kids.

11. What problems are you trying to solve ? What is your vision ?

I am trying to see less problems and more endless process of change. My vision is that we all feel free and secure and live together in great joy.

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