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Cory Machado

Portuguese American Pro Wrestler 

I am on a mission to fight hunger. I have so far provided 20,000+ meals by working with charities and food banks. My goal is to feed 7 billion people and make hunger obsolete. Hunger is a huge issue in America and in the World. I am in the process of tackling this issue.  I grew up watching pro wrestling with my great grandfather who was from Portugal. He didn't speak a word of English he learned how to speak a little bit of English from watching american television with subtitles. Before baseball, before football my first love was pro wrestling. I created a bond with my great grandfather laughing, smiling having a great time being entertained watching wrestling. Now I am very grateful because of pro wrestling I have been able to fight hunger. I have been able to trend multiple times. I have been able to inspire others to live their dreams and never give up. I have been able to empower the Portuguese people.  My goal is to improve and get better everyday. I failed more than anybody. I never give up. Life is short. Time is limited, yet at the same point in time it is the most valuable thing we have. Make the time count. As a kid growing up I wanted to become a pro baseball player and movie actor in elementary kids would say I was gonna be the next Jim Carey. Growing up I was a big fan of Jim Carey & Adam Sandler. I have shared the pro wrestling ring with NFL Super Bowl Champion Walter Thurmond. I enjoy pro wrestling/ sports entertainment because I am able to bring joy to others, Honor my great grandfather's memory & Fight Hunger. I enjoy learning new things. I believe you can do anything. Believe in yourself. I am also honoring the memory of Ashley Carlson, Alyssa Brynes & Ashley Donohoe who all wanted to help people I want to fulfill their dreams in helping as many people as a I can in their name.  



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